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Re: Progressive Yahwism
« on: November 20, 2021, 10:46:39 pm »
"They rarely if ever question their desires."

They think of who they are now (which includes having such desires) as who they actually are, as opposed to our approach of thinking of who we were at the beginning as who we actually are (and everything added later as adulteration). From what I have gathered from talking to them, they either do not remember much of their early childhood at all, or else are dismissive of what they remember. This is why they are not horrified by temporal immortality, which to them is just continuation of their current condition. To us, immortality means endlessly moving further away from childhood. The greater the quantity of new experiences we keep accumulating (which would be guaranteed under immortality within time), proportionately the more remote and less important our childhood will inevitably become to our boundlessly adulterating consciousness. Temporal immortality is guaranteed obliteration of Original Nobility via sheer exhaustion.