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Speaking of a cool breeze, are air plants superior plants to all other plants?

It is true, air plants do have roots! Air plant roots are completely natural. Due to live plant import restrictions, air plants are required to be trimmed at their original export farm–typically West Indies, Mexico and South America. This is why your air plants normally arrive root-less but it does not harm the plants.

Better to be rootless in this world? Sounds kind of Gnostic?

How do air plants grow without roots?

These epiphytes get everything that they need to survive through their leaves - from the sun, moisture from the air, and organic matter that falls their way. Tillandsia do not use their roots for nutrients, just as an anchor!

Air plants are freegans!?  :o

Are there any edible air plants?

Air plants, of the genus Tillandsia, are making bold statements in the world of interior decor. Not everyone has a green thumb and these days, in a world of on-the-go, low maintenance is key.

It’s not uncommon for air plants to be referred to as the medusa plant, sea urchin plant, and jellyfish plant because of their curvy, layered leaves. If you’ve ever chopped a pineapple, you’ve met a relative of the air plant! Air plants are not edible whatsoever, but they possess many of the same qualities as the crown.

Air plants are also related to ferns, succulents, and Spanish moss!

Caring for an air plant and watching it grow can be rewarding in itself, but they also provide health benefits. Indoor plants act as an air purifier, filtering toxins and debris from the air we breathe. If that’s not enough reason to bring the green inside, what is?

Air plants sound like anti-Westerner plants?

How Air Plants Grow Without Soil | The New Yorker
Air plants have no stems and don’t require soil to grow. They’re also related to . . . pineapples? We explore the ways in which air plants, or the genus Tillandsia, are much more than a millennial hobby—they are one of nature’s continually evolving species, and they’re an obsession that connects people all over the world.

In other words, no matter how much Yahweh tries to change air plants they would still be down to help humans and non-humans alike attempt to build another Tower of Babylon to spite Yahweh? How are air plants not the superior plant on this planet? They are obviously also anti-tribalism...

First off, thankfully, no, air plants are not toxic to humans or pets. So if your cat, or dog, or child, eats your air plant it will be no worse for wear. It is far more likely that toxins may be introduced to your air plant. Here's what the toxins are and how to avoid them.

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