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Re: Superiority cannot be taught
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:24:45 pm »

Someone begins to get it:

Since the run-up to the 2016 election, news outlets have semi-regularly hosted white nationalists for sweeping interviews about their beliefs. If the racists reveal their racism, the logic goes, the American populace will be repulsed. In actuality, Americans are already pretty familiar with racism. Those who already oppose it will be repelled by the racists on their screens—but viewers who harbor their own racist resentments might see something else in these televised interviews: an ally.


They are getting it:


The False Left still doesn't get it:

America is amidst an overdue reckoning for the systemic racism that has been a fundamental feature of our culture for 400 years. President Abraham Lincoln seemed to cast slavery as America's original sin, and in his second inaugural address acknowledged that if “all the wealth piled by the bond man's 250 years of unrequited toil shall be sunk,” that would be a fair judgment on the United States.

Yet here we are, a century-and-a-half later, and America has failed to atone for this original sin while committing myriad others against people of color.

Now it feels like the world is spiraling out of control. We are experiencing the effects of ignoring, minimizing and rationalizing sin. If you are uncomfortable with the word sin, just use the word evil in its place. We have allowed evil to flourish.

Yes, and do you know why? Because you made the mistake of believing evil people can be taught not to be evil.

Yes, it’s a scary and chaotic historical moment, but, in the end, this might be what it takes for white people to finally face up to our failure to eradicate the white supremacy that infects our society. As my friend and anti-racism educator Lisa Sharon Harper says, “The only course of action for white people now is repentance and repair.”

I’ll start: I repent for my lack of action. I repent for my lack of urgency. I repent for not listening more. I repent for lacking humility. If the religious language of repentance alienates you, then just try saying, “I’m sorry.”

Words mean nothing. Either racists voluntarily refrain from reproducing or they cannot claim repentance.

So what does repair look like?

Lincoln made clear that it was not just the enslavement of black people, which was heinous enough, but also the wealth that was accumulated from their “unrequited toil” that was a stain on America. There can be no true repair without monetary reparations. This country would not exist in its current form without the free labor of black people. Even post-slavery, black people have never been paid fairly for their work, and they typically lack the generational wealth that benefits many white Americans.

For those who say reparations are impossible, I say, “Do your homework.” Reparations have worked in various other contexts, and they can work here. Working toward official reparations will take time, but in the meantime use your money to support the BIPOC Project (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) that's doing the work of dismantling white supremacy.

No. As I have said before, monetary "reparations" amount to bribing the victim to drop the charges. A victim with dignity does not accept bribes. The only sincere reparation is to leave behind no biological descendants.

Repair also looks like giving up the need to center your experience and your feelings. When you feel hurt by a criticism of white people, deal with that on your own. You do not ask BIPOC to help you feel better. Don’t go to them with your tears about how hard it is to face your own racism. (Believe it or not, this happens all the time.) You do not treat black and brown people as your unofficial pastor to confess your racist sins to. They’ve had enough trauma and don’t need you to unload yours on them.

Repair looks like privileging the experiences and perspectives of BIPOC over the white narrative. They actually know more about what it’s like to live their lives than you do. Listen to them. Repair looks like you interrogating your own privileges and biases and unlearning your own toxic behavior.

But how can you guarantee that such behaviour, which is heritable (indeed which evolved because racism is an extremely efficient survival strategy):

will not arise again in future generations of the same bloodlines? The only answer is to voluntarily refrain from reproducing. Anything else is insincere and deserves to be treated with contempt, especially by the sincere anti-racists who are voluntarily refraining from reproducing.


Biden, in Town Hall (Censored by YouTube) Estimates up to 15% of Americans Bad (VT goes higher, says ‘psychopaths)
Daily Beast: Joe Biden thinks that around 10 to 15 percent of Americans are “not very good people,” but that the “vast majority of the people are decent” and want to get along with each other.

The former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee appeared to get his figure out of thin air during an online town hall event with some of his black supporters on Thursday night. From 2017, not censored by YouTube.

Probably closer to 90% I'd say. It all depends on what criteria you are using to judge whether a person is "good" or not, right? I mean, if we judge a person as being good only if they have never initiated violence against another, then maybe only 5% or less of people are actually good, no? Whose eating all those billions of animals (people according to Mohammed and Jesus) that get tortured to death in U.S. flesh factories every year?

Better hope there is not a true and living God who so judges....

Biden was discussing the importance of a president setting a good example for the nation on race issues, and accused President Trump of actively working to divide the country and making “the worst of us to come out.”


If a police department can spend three years undergoing bias training and still shoot a peaceful, unarmed Black protester, what has the training really achieved?

It has achieved procrastination from using state control over reproduction to solve the problem.

Over the last decade, implicit bias training has become one of the primary methods for law enforcement agencies and policymakers to demonstrate that they take concerns over racist policing seriously. According to a CBS survey of 155 police departments last year, 69% said they were using implicit bias training. Half said they had initiated the programs after the controversial 2014 killing of Michael Brown, a Black teenager, by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

In the wake of the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, calls have intensified to expand these programs. The mayors of Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Tampa, Florida, have signaled their intention to install or expand them. Texas and Michigan have passed bills requiring police officers to receive such training. In a Medium post, former President Barack Obama pointed readers to a toolkit urging “ongoing and scenario-based” anti-bias training for all police officers.

Despite its near-universal support among policymakers, however, research has failed to show that implicit bias training has any lasting effect on racial discrimination or the behavior of police officers.

“We don’t have any evidence that anti-bias trainings work (in general,) and we know even less about whether they work for police officers,” said Joshua Correll, a University of Colorado professor who has been studying implicit bias for more than 20 years.

A 2016 study of nine different methods for reducing bias found that none had any lasting effect after a few days. Few researchers have followed up specifically with law enforcement agencies to see if the training had any effect on the practices of officers.

“People have jumped on the idea that we should be providing this training without clear documentation that it makes any difference whatsoever,” Correll said.
Over time, implicit bias tests have revealed that much of the population associates Black faces with criminality, violence and aggression. Test subjects are more likely to interpret an ambiguous shove as hostile when a Black person does it, for example.

Much of the population should be prohibited from reproducing.

Researchers have also documented implicit bias in police officers. In a 2016 study, 96% of police officers associated Black Americans with weapons. Other research has found that law enforcement officers classify Black faces as more threatening and perceive ordinary objects as dangerous after viewing photos of Black people. In a laboratory experiment, researchers found that police officers were more quick to press a button labeled “shoot” when presented with a Black suspect.

This form of bias has profound implications for every aspect of police work, from deciding whether to pull over an errant driver to shooting a suspect who reaches into his pocket. These split-second decisions or subconscious choices add up to the racial disparities seen in policing. Black drivers are more likely to be stopped, searched and arrested — despite being less likely than whites to be carrying contraband. Black victims of fatal police shootings are more likely to be unarmed. The arrest rates for all kinds of misdemeanors are twice as high for Black Americans than they are for whites.

There’s even some evidence that implicit bias training makes racist attitudes worse. Highlighting bias among police officers could reinforce the message that racism is widespread. In response, participants may resent feeling they’re being lectured about their racist views and entrench them more deeply.

Duh! The people who need the training in the first place are racists, so how else do you expect them to react?

And the people who would not react like that are those who would not need the training to begin with.

“As individuals, we’re a conduit for the cultures in which we live,” Correll said. “So if you’re embedded in a culture that associates Black men with violence and danger, that may well swamp anything you learn in an hours-long, or even weeks-long, training.”

If education has any role to play, it should be in educating people about how absurd this stereotype is. None of the colonial powers were "black"! If anyone should be associated with "violence and danger", it should be those associated with colonialism! Even if we're talking about the US only, it sure wasn't "blacks" who came up with Manifest Destiny FFS!

Plus, how much of the following undescribably violent and dangerous stuff are "blacks" responsible for? (Answer: almost none.)