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Re: Superiority cannot be taught
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:29:09 pm »
Latest epiphany:

Unconscious bias training is a lucrative industry, but it won’t change consciously hostile policies
More than 30 years ago, Ambalavaner Sivanandan warned against “the sort of psychospiritual mumbo-jumbo which… by reducing social problems to individual solutions, passes off personal satisfaction for political liberation”. A radical whose writings influenced a generation of activists in the 1970s and 80s, Sivanandan was an early critic of what was then called “racial awareness training”.
A meta-analysis of almost 500 studies found that training has only a “weak” effect on an individual’s implicit-bias score, and none on their behaviour.
We all possess implicit frameworks through which we make sense of the world. It’s always useful to question those frameworks and interrogate our prejudices.

It was not, however, unconscious bias that made a police officer place his knee on George Floyd’s neck. Or that led to the police stopping and handcuffing Bianca Williams and Ricardo dos Santos, or to the equivalent of almost a third of young black males in London being stopped and searched during lockdown. Or that created the hostile environment policy and led to the Windrush scandal. These are all the products of very conscious policies.

It sounds so obvious when someone is willing to just state it.

So, when is society going to start using our proposed solution of terminating racist bloodlines?

Still unconvinced?

You seriously think someone like Neff can be taught to not be racist?
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