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Re: Superiority cannot be taught
« on: August 06, 2020, 11:42:13 pm »
I told you so:

New research suggests racism could be a genetic trait
Could it be that we are born with predispositions to certain political opinions? According to the findings, the answer is yes.

"People who share the same sets of attitudes also appear to share the same genes," said Thomas Haarklau Kleppestø, Ph.D. fellow at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo.
As expected, the researchers found a link between SDO and political attitudes. E.g., those who favored a hierarchical structure in society often wished for stricter immigration control and reduced foreign aid.

However, the findings also revealed that peoples' SDO had a genetic connection to all the eight measured political attitudes. According to Kleppestø, this could partly explain the link between the political attitudes.

"We do not believe that our genome directly controls our political attitudes. However, we speculate that we are born with a predisposition that is strengthened over time, for example when we find friends with similar preferences," Kleppestø said.

The researchers believe that you may be born with a personality trait that could lead you into environments where it is enforced. So-called active gene-environment-correlation is well-known phenomenon in behavioral genetics.

So when do we stop the nonsense of "diversity seminars" and start just prohibiting the genetic racists from reproducing?
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