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Re: Superiority cannot be taught
« Reply #15 on: June 29, 2021, 11:36:36 pm »
So why do False Leftists believe racists can be educated to not be racist? I have always suspected that it is because many racists can pretend to not be racist when it suits them, and the hopelessly naive False Leftists are being easily fooled. And now our enemies admit it in their advice column:

The problem:

I am having problems at work and with my family due to my involvement in the racial question and the white nationalist movement.

One of my sisters is now estranged from me because she is so angry over my voting for Donald Trump and against Joe Biden. This situation has been brewing. I’ve tried to explain our ideas to her over the past two years but she just gets mad. After the election she told me that I am not welcome in her house and that she would not see me during the Christmas holidays.

Now my parents are annoyed that my sister and I have fallen out.

In addition to trouble at home my job is shaky.

A “woke” fellow employee has informed my company of my “racist” ideas.

I’ve been called in and grilled by the boss and I may get fired. I need this job and I’m worried that the SJW co-worker could stir up an online doxing, making it difficult for me to get another job if I lose this one.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can handle this situation?

The advice (plus typically obnoxious cultural appropriation in the first line):

How, Paleface! How to smokum peace pipe with family and boss?
I am a great believer in insincerity and hypocrisy. They save a lot of trouble in life.

You might send your sister a birthday gift with a little note expressing your affection for her, your regret at the hiccup in your relations with each other and your own consigning of the whole issue to oblivion.

Eat humble pie if you have too. Nobody’s watching. You can feed her what she wants to hear. It doesn’t matter. The silly cow will never listen to you anyway, so why care?

Be sure to share your note, gift, etc. with your parents. This will cause them to soften toward you and, if your sister won’t reciprocate, their annoyance will shift and be directed at her.
Try to mitigate the situation with your bosses. Give anodyne versions of what you believe about our issues. Water the issue down. Tell them what they have heard does not accurately reflect what you actually believe.

Assure the company managers/owners that you will never do or say anything that will cause them any trouble.

Do not try to win them over to your views while the matter is being digested by your superiors. This is a time for equivocation, not martyrdom.

Here again the principle of the utility of insincerity and hypocrisy holds true.

Which is why I keep saying that if anyone with a past record of racism claims to have reformed, they are lying unless they are willing to attend a far-right gathering and massacre as many other attendees as they can. Anyone can make verbal claims. Actions are a more reliable indicator of sincerity.
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