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Sorry Folks, Trumpists Are Too Far Gone
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Sorry Folks, Trumpists Are Too Far Gone
--Unfortunately, it has become clear that Trumpists are too far gone to be brought back to reality

Exactly, as we have been saying from the get go! Anyone who thinks leftists should attempt to unite with Trumpists to fight the "elites" at this point is also a false-leftist and clearly living in lala-land! Furthermore, why would Americans try and unite with people who are clearly un-American in an attempt to fix the many problems America is facing? That's absolutely ridiculous!!!

False-leftists cannot even bring themselves to acknowledge that this is a left versus right issue to begin with. Follow these types of people at your own peril! These people aren't even living in reality! I would also not be surprised if some false-leftists are actually rightist operatives trying to set true leftists up for failure!

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Hint: If you do NOT believe in E Pluribus Unum then there's an excellent chance you are NOT an American!