Author Topic: Tolerance Is an Ugly Word  (Read 1139 times)


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Re: Tolerance Is an Ugly Word
« Reply #30 on: November 25, 2022, 02:48:41 am »
You still don't get it

I mean, we still have a chance to make our enemies realise that their political philosophy is wrong, if we explain to them with more rational arguments. That's the purpose of discussion, to make people aware and realize the truth. If we just ordering our opponents to emigrate or move out, then the discussion between us and them is no longer useful.

If we can more rationalize the reason that westernization, adult supremacy and racial discrimination are wrong, I'm sure they will change their worldview. I'm already did it with my oppressive parents with your arguments few years ago

Hitler already proved this. With his rational arguments, 90 percents of German people chosen and obeyed him without needed to emigrate

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