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Re: True Left Breakthrough: Ahimsa
« Reply #30 on: November 10, 2020, 01:53:52 pm »
Finally we are going after prominent targets:

Rubén Pulido, Spain’s conservative VOX Party’s Communication Secretary in Andalusia, was ambushed and beaten in a targeted attack by two illegal migrants of “Maghreb origin” outside of his home. The radicals chased down Pulido, attacked him and repeatedly beat him in the head, leaving the immigration expert bruised and unconscious. Spain’s left-wing leadership and media continue to ignore the attack, as well as the dangerous consequences of illegal migration.
Despite the escalation in threats, Pulido still “never thought that they would come to the point of attacking me.” Pulido proclaimed in a tweet, “you will not shut me up, without fear of anything or anyone!”

If the heroes had given him the Paty treatment (see photo above), I am quite sure they could have shut him up. They had already KOed him, so how difficult would it have been to Paty an unconscious target?

Pulido is the spokesperson for the VOX Party on everything related to illegal immigration and is a long time geopolitical analyst. Pulido specializes in Islam, illegal immigration, migratory movements and is very critical on contemporary policies of mass immigration.
The VOX Party is the “Make Spain Great Again Party” who defends traditional Spanish values, borders, and has a Trump-like message.

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