Author Topic: True Left breakthrough: seriousness in environmentalism  (Read 925 times)


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No, despite what Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. and some Republican members of Congress have claimed in recent days, President Biden is not actually planning to pass a law to make Americans reduce their red meat consumption by 90% in order to save the planet.

It’s too bad though. He really should.

The false claim stemmed from a very real study conducted last year by the University of Michigan and Tulane University. The research found that if beef consumption was reduced by 90% in the U.S., along with a 50% reduction in other animal products, more than 2 billion tons of greenhouse gas pollution would be saved from the atmosphere.

“That’s roughly equivalent to taking nearly half the world’s cars off the roads for a year,”
reads a statement released by NGO The Center for Biological Diversity.
A 2018 report published in the journal Nature also included a call to Western countries to reduce beef and pork consumption by 90%, poultry and milk by 60%, and to replace that with four to six times more beans and similar plant-based products, in order to keep current food systems within environmental limits.

Better yet, they are tagging on the ethical arguments also:

Perhaps learning that reducing beef consumption by 90% in the U.S. could not only help save the planet but also save the lives of approximately 30 million cows, cows bound to have a captive bolt put through their skull before being strung upside-down and stabbed in the throat could do the trick?