Author Topic: True Left breakthrough: seriousness in environmentalism  (Read 925 times)


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Re: True Left breakthrough: seriousness in environmentalism
« on: September 09, 2021, 09:59:28 pm »
I actually hate this kind of rhetoric. All it does is shift the blame. If every single one of us were morally upstanding, then these corporations would immediately fall to ruin because nobody would be buying what they're selling in the first place. They quite literally only have as much power as we individually give them. What these people are basically saying is "Don't make this fundamental change to your lifestyle that's immediately applicable and at the very least makes a minute difference! Screech about dismantling entire corporations (while doing absolutely nothing on the individual level), because that's far easier and TOTALLY not out of our scope at this point!" The corrupt businessmen and the people who support them deserve each other.
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