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Re: True Left breakthrough: seriousness in environmentalism
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Is the War on Drugs Killing the Environment? | The War on Drugs
We talk a lot about the human and financial costs of the War on Drugs but this conflict is also having a serious environmental impact.

From the military spraying pesticides onto the Amazon rainforest to suppress coca production, to MDMA producers dumping toxic chemicals into rivers in the Netherlands the illegal drug trade is unquestionably bad for nature.

But whose fault is this? All the drugs we take could be produced in much greener ways as part of a legal, regulated market. The problem is not that they are drugs, its that they are illegal. Is the war on drugs killing the environment?

Westerners make more money with "drugs" being illegal plain and simple. Western banks get to launder the drug money and enforcement agencies are able to ask for a bigger budget because of the "war on drugs".

It's really sad how the people in power are destroying the world and getting away with it!!

"The people in power" are all Westerners!!!