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Republican Federal Judge Compares Trump to Nazis in January 6 Sentencing
A DC Federal Judge Reggie Walton sentenced January 6 Insurrectionist Dustin Thompson to 3 years in prison and had powerful words condemning Trump in his sentencing order.

Nothing quite says 'I'm an ignorant fool' like comparing Trump to National Socialists. After the failed Beer Hall Putsch, were Hitler lead from the front like a true leader and soldier—walking head-on into a hail of bullets in an attempt to pull it off— Hitler spent 5 years in prison himself. Trump has yet to even be convicted of a crime related to his failed coup attempt, whilst his supporters take on prison sentences for him...

(Have not listened to this video or read what the Federal Judge actually said).

Can anyone actually imagine Trump boldly walking into a hail of bullets, leading from the front?

Unlike Trump, Hitler was a leftist, a true leader, and a real soldier!!! This is why people actually followed Hitler!


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Re: Trump a Fascist?
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Trump praises Xi, "President for life! Sounds like a good idea!"

Does this seem to indicate Trump has autocratic tendencies, given that he is willing to get rid of elections?
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Re: Trump a Fascist?
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As Retro has explained before, by protesting the results of the election Trump revealed he is a democrat, albeit a dishonest one. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have cared about the election results, and would’ve declared himself the rightful leader with or without the demos support. Protesting the results showed he only feels legitimised as a leader if the demos support him, while a true autocrat wouldn’t care what the demos wanted and would feel legitimised based on their character and ability. If Trump was an autocrat, he would’ve declared himself president for life when he had the chance, but he didn’t, which shows us he had no intention to and was just trying to encourage his supporters.

That isn’t to say, however, that there aren’t rightists who would use autocracy to get what they wanted, but that’s only until they exterminate us leftists. Traditionalists argue that women and non-whites should have never been given the right to vote; this tells us that they don’t have a problem with democracy itself, only with suffrage. Because democracy is the tyranny of the mob, and that tyranny is harder to enact when the people you want to tyrannise can vote against your tyranny.
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Re: Trump a Fascist?
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ROME (Reuters) - Italy's hard-right Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Tuesday pledged to fight "every kind of discrimination and anti-Semitism" as she unveiled a plaque for 35 Jewish journalists persecuted under fascist-era racial laws.
In her maiden speech to parliament in October, Meloni said she has "never felt any sympathy for regimes, fascism included," and that Italy's anti-Semitic racial laws of 1938 had been "the lowest point of Italian history, a shame that will taint our people forever."
Those journalists honoured were barred from doing their job under fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Are False Leftists paying attention?