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Re: Trump a Fascist?
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Maybe a slur for an identitarian?

I think the word racists works fine. The sooner this battle becomes a battle between racist vs. anti-racists the better it will be for anti-racists.

Did the Brown Shirts and Hitler Youth destroy businesses indiscriminately?

During Kristallnacht the SA targeted Jewish stores and synagogues for destruction against the wishes of Hitler. I believe there is a speech out there that Hitler gave just before Kristallnacht in-which he states how "a single hair on a Jews head should not be harmed", even after Judea declared war on Germany. Hitler was shocked by Kristallnacht and in private spoke on how Jews would use it against him. (I cannot recall where I read that at the moment).
German anger was understandable in that regard though some would argue considering how Jews boycotted German businesses. Many Germans already held a deep rooted grudge against Jews because of the general strike that was created by Marxists in Germany near the end of WWI, a war where Germany looked like it was going to be the sole victor over England, France, and Russia. The general strike cost Germany the war ultimately. Many Germans viewed the general strike as a "stab in the back" by Jews toward Germany, Germany having historically been one of the only nations where Jews were truly protected by the state.

So, to answer your question, no, not really. Germans were very specific on which businesses they targeted for destruction and that work was mostly carried out by the SA against Hitler's will some would argue.

I disagree with targeting small businesses indiscriminately also. However, how do we know that some of the destruction being done to small business present day in the U.S. is not the result of provocateurs infiltrating groups like the BLM?

Why not target the big corporations who are known to support racist causes, like Home Depot for example? Isn't the CEO of Home Depot a Trump supporter? I don't understand this either. I could understand targeting specific small business who are known to support racists, but that doesn't seem to be what is happening either....?

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