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Re: Western Democracy
« on: November 17, 2020, 10:24:34 pm »

"Why is democracy still revered among leftists?"

Because the False Left suffers from severe cognitive dissonance, which I believe was deliberately engineered back in the mid-20th century. I think a lot of it has to do with the case for decolonization being made in terms of: "the colonized populations attaining democracy". Most colonies wanting independence made the fatal mistake (often under the disingenuous advice of Freemasons, including plenty of Jews) of arguing for independence by pointing out that colonial rule meant that the colonial subjects (having no suffrage) were being denied democracy. This of course was moronic: if they were sincere, they should have demanded empire citizenship (and hence suffrage) for all colonial subjects (thereby transforming the colonial empire into an ordinary empire), not independence. But the colonial powers cunningly accepted this stupid argument and gave the colonies (superficial) independence, thereby linking anti-colonialism (what started as a leftist concern) with democracy (a feature of Western civilization) in the common mind, thus effectively perverting mainstream anti-colonialism into a pro-Western(!) movement, along the lines of: "The colonized populations can become better Westerners by becoming voters in independent countries than by remaining as non-voting colonial subjects!"

"Why is there still a negative connotation associated with autocracy?"

Because False Leftists have cut themselves off from ancient thinking. They shallowly associate historical autocracies with liberal words such as "privileged" or "entitled", instead of seeing in them the only hope for ever truly achieving leftist causes (which is all that is meant by ancient non-Westerners once believing absolute monarchs to be living gods).

"How do we distinguish from those who make pro democratic arguments with subversive motives (Jews), and those who do so simply because they are unradicalized (Aryans)?"

We do not need to do so. We can debate against both categories in the same way. As I keep saying, a debate is not about trying to persuade your opponent that you are correct, but about trying to show the audience the inferiority of your opponent compared to yourself, thus winning over the audience. Whether the inferiority of your opponent is caused by subversive motives or by sheer delusion need be of no concern to you.

(By the way, I would not use the term "Aryan" to describe anyone who is pro-democracy. Farms are run not by majority opinion but by expert opinion. It is indeed our contention that autocracy originated as part of the Neolithic Revolution.)
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