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Re: Western Democracy
« on: December 11, 2020, 02:49:31 am »
Now that mainstream leftists are finally able to accuse Trump of a coup, False Leftists are once again completely screwing up their framing of the scenario. They accuse Trump of being anti-democracy while portraying Trump critics as pro-democracy, as if only pro-democracy people could oppose Trump.

Firstly, is Trump anti-democracy? No. Trump (who loves being popular) would surely prefer to have won the election cleanly than have to resort to trying to invalidate the election results. It is only because the results did not go Trump's way that he is falling back on invalidating the election results in an attempt to retain power. And even then Trump is claiming to be the winner of the election, in other words he is still reinforcing the notion that winning the election is what should determine leadership; he is merely lying about who won. In other words, Trump is fundamentally pro-democracy, but just in a dishonest way. (In contrast, an actual anti-democrat would argue that it is wrong for popularity to determine leadership.)

Secondly, is it logically necessary to be pro-democracy in order to oppose Trump? No. If we could travel back in time to end democracy in 2016 and let Obama directly choose his own successor (who would at least not have been Trump), we would do so rather than let Trump win in 2016. False Leftists probably would not, but this only proves that if anything we oppose Trump more strongly than False Leftists do, since False Leftists would prefer to maintain democracy than keep Trump away from power.

Which brings me onto the main point. We are in this mess right now because of democracy. It is because the US has elections in the first place that it opens itself up to the possibility of election results being disputed. If the US did not have elections at all, no one can claim the leader at any time is illegitimate on account of cheating because there is no space left open for cheating to begin with. You can like or dislike Xi, but no one can claim he became the leader of China by cheating. It is only in countries with elections that the situation can arise where the apparent election loser can claim the apparent election winner cheated. To focus on whether or not the claim is true is already missing to point. On this particular occasion (Trump claiming Biden cheated) the claim is obviously false. But on another occasion (e.g. Abrams claiming Kemp cheated) the claim may be true. The point, however, is that the belief in popularity as the determinant of suitability for leadership is what permits such claims - true or false - to be made at any time someone doesn't like the results. As True Leftists, we should be focusing on fixing the system so that neither cheating nor allegations of cheating are any longer possible. Eliminating elections is not the only ingredient of the fix, but is by far the most obvious.

Autocracy was preferred by the ancients (including throughout the New World before Western civilization showed up) precisely to avoid the situation like the one we are currently experiencing. This elementary wisdom is what we should be getting back to.
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