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Re: Western Democracy
« on: January 13, 2021, 11:09:44 pm »
False Leftists never stopped being Westerners. They fundamentally subscribe to the narrative that the invention and spread of democracy represents historical progress, thus (as avowed progressives themselves) they have no choice but to support democracy. Herein is also the inherent self-contradiction within False Leftist minds. They may outwardly reject the claim of Western superiority, yet by being pro-democracy (among other attitudes) inwardly affirm their actual belief in Western superiority, given that Western civilization was the only civilization in all of world history with a significant democratic (or, more broadly, anti-monarchist) tradition. But instead of confronting this self-contradiction with intellectual honesty, False Leftists attempt to dig up (at best obscure and at worst illusory) historical blips - never enough to be considered a tradition - of vaguely electoral activity in non-Western civilizations in order to bolster a thoroughly contrived claim (which neither rightists nor True Leftists believe) that "all civilizations were progressing towards democracy all along", instead of admitting that the prevalence of democracy worldwide today is (as rightists and True Leftists academically agree on) almost entirely an effect of Westernization from the colonial era onwards, and would never have occurred absent the colonial era. Because if they were to admit this, they - as fans of democracy - would have to be grateful to colonialism (ie. become rightists!).

So here it what is comes down to:

A) "Western civilization is not superior to all other civilizations."
B) "Democracy is superior to autocracy."

Challenge for False Leftists: PICK ONE. Because if you believe B), you logically cannot believe A).
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