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Re: Western Democracy
« on: January 20, 2021, 01:44:42 am »
Good analogy!

Just as I keep telling people who dislike an autocratic country to simply emigrate instead of trying to change it into a democratic country, the same advice applies to gamers: if you dislike a particular game, just don't buy it, and buy a different one instead! The artistic duty of game developers is to stay true to their original vision for the game, irrespective of whether the game is a commercial success or not.

"I like how the second article says Nintendo snubbed their focus groups. They've almost always know what they're doing."

At least until the N64 and subsequent 3D consoles.....

Here we have Nintendo being influenced not by popular opinion, but by (Western) futurists who claimed that games must go 3D in order to keep pace (why, FFS??) with the computational power to handle 3D. In short, Nintendo avoided the democracy trap but fell into the progressivism trap.

So listening to expert opinion over majority opinion is just the first step; next comes the challenge of deciding which experts to listen to.....

(By the way, if you want to talk about 2D games, please feel welcome to do so here: )
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