Author Topic: Aryanism vs Boromir Syndrome  (Read 1336 times)


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This guy reminds me of a type that was common back in the mid-2000s before the old post-9/11 anti-Zionist movement split. This type does not consider "non-whites" to be the outgroup, but does consider "non-whites" to be incapable of posing a serious threat to Jews, and hence that success or failure in defeating Jewish domination will be determined solely by (non-Jewish) "whites". They could be described as non-tribalist bigots (or, in other words, not racist, but Eurocentric). It's not that they don't care about the welfare of "non-whites", but that they believe that (non-Jewish) "white" rule is genuinely better for "non-whites". (They even told JAM that his contribution to the fight against Jewish domination was due only to his "white" blood!)

As such, they refused to discuss non-Jewish white supremacism alongside Jewish supremacism as two manifestations of the same problem. JAM put pressure on these types to start doing so, which led to a debate in which JAM's side (including myself) took the position that what Jews are trying hardest to suppress is anti-racism that counts Jews as racists, whereas our opponents took the position that what Jews are trying hardest to suppress is white supremacism that does not count Jews as "whites". This is what induced the BS splinter (following which every last one of the previous non-tribalist bigots gradually embraced tribalism, exactly as I predicted they would, though they blamed their ideological shift on "ingratitude" from "non-whites").

This guy, however, gives me the impression that he has been living under a rock for over a decade and hence missed the above-described events and is behaving as though it is still the mid-2000s!

Aesthetic sense reveals all:

According to him, I am a "master of inversion":

Yet what kind of architecture do Jews themselves like?
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