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"This guy reminds me of a type that was common back in the mid-2000s before the old post-9/11 anti-Zionist movement split. "

This is exactly what came to my mind as well. There has been a new generation of anti-Zionists who are becoming Jew-aware by reading Christopher Bollyn, but who also promote BS Gentiles such as Kevin MacDonald (Gentile) and Christopher Jon Bjerknes (Jew) with the excuse of "providing multiple perspectives":
They also promote the "Jews are anti Edomites" narrative.

"It's not that they don't care about the welfare of "non-whites", but that they believe that (non-Jewish) "white" rule is genuinely better for "non-whites". They even told JAM that his contribution to the fight against Jewish domination was due only to his "white" blood!"

I see. So these might be the same type of people who would say that the people on the human beauty page only look the way they do because of alleged "White" blood, whereas the tribalist would outright be opposed to our standards. They also would (due to Eurocentrism) believe that "Whiteness" is good because "Whites" are more "empathetic" (lol) whereas a tribalist such as David Duke (Gentile) would not really believe this at all but would only be promoting this myth to fool people like the tweeter and naive "non-Whites".

"following which every last one of the previous non-tribalist bigots gradually embraced tribalism, exactly as I predicted they would,"

So are they worth the energy of ideological conversion?  Or are they simply not worth the energy as history has shown they will inevitably embrace tribalism? As I mentioned in the previous post, opposing discrimination against people with light skin is fine. Even JAM condemned this. But opposing those who oppose "Whiteness" is different.

"though they blamed their ideological shift on "ingratitude" from "non-whites""

This is the impression I get from people like the tweeter. That no matter how much a "non-White" says he condemns discrimination against people on the basis of their skin color, people like the tweeter will accuse them of being "anti-White". The irony is, they will accuse non-Whites of doing exactly this! (I.e. they will say to a "non-White", "no matter how much we oppose racism against "non-Whites", it is not enough for you. You are ungrateful." Of course those who expect "gratitude" in return for simply being non-racist are merely showing their true colors.)

"This guy, however, gives me the impression that he has been living under a rock for over a decade and hence missed the above-described events and is behaving as though it is still the mid-2000s!"

Perhaps it could be because he is new to the scene? Recall I mentioned earlier in the post that this may be the result of a new generation becoming Jew-aware. These types are stuck in the "information war" mindset that we have to "wake people up" to Jewish power, and that those who are aware of Jewish power are automatically better than those who are not, and hence this means that "Whites" are better than "non-Whites" as there exist more "Whites" than "non-Whites" who are aware of Jewish power.

In any case, becoming Jew-aware through the information war a decade after it has ended is itself strange. In my case, for example, I am also relatively "new" to the scene as I am young, but I already knew that the Jew-aware scene had been corrupted by seeing the emergence of identitarianism over the years. I was able to see just how divisive the so-called "Jew-aware" rightists were. So I sought out an ideology that was both anti-Gentile and anti-Jew, which is how I found Aryanism, which itself was merely a formal articulation of the views I already had and also confirmed my intuition that National Socialism was anti-racist (given my previous knowledge of authors such as VK Clark). It wasn't until after reading Aryanism that I even looked at the information war scene and the events that took place during that era, whereupon I learned how the schism formed.

So even if you don't know about what happened during the information war era, you should at least be able to recognize the ideological distinction between rightist "Jew-awareness" and leftist Jew-awareness, which is now more pronounced than ever. Unless of course, you are not an ideologist, but merely a hobbyist whose intent is to merely "wake people up" to Jewish power.

I recall on Aryanism you mentioned how the lack of an ideology is precisely what resulted in the schism, as there was nothing worth uniting for other than "we have to get rid of the Jews". But why should we? Only anti-tribalism, with the motto of "Unity through Nobility" will even make fighting Jewish power even worth it.
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