Author Topic: Aryanism vs Boromir Syndrome  (Read 1336 times)


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"I'm not sure that there is a correlation. After all, many "non-whites" assume the same thing! And the assumption persists irrespective of standards. In other words, a Eurocentrist who likes robustness will assume that a "non-white" with robust features got the robust features from a "white" ancestor, whereas a Eurocentrist who likes gracility will also assume that a "non-white" with gracile features got the gracile features from a "white" ancestor. It is literally that insane."

Yes. What I was trying to get at is that those Eurocentrists who are not tribalists might at least possess some Aryan blood memory as they like gracile features but merely believe them to be the product of "White" blood, whereas a tribalist would not even like gracile features to begin with. I was suggesting there would be a correlation between the first category of people and the people you mentioned, as they are not tribalists. I recall you mentioned on the blog how Aryan blood immunizes one from tribalism, but not necessarily from ethnocentrism.

"Compared to spending the same energy on what? If you are going to be either trying to convert them or doing nothing, then obviously I'd rather you try tol convert them. But if you have another project that you could be doing instead of converting them, I'd have to know what the other project is."

I should have rephrased: do you believe such types can even be converted to begin with? I assume you would put them in the "racelesss" category, correct?
And if they can be converted, I was thinking the same energy could be better put to use converting non-Westerners to Aryanism, for example by de-Judaizing Islam, and de-Turanizing Hinduism.

What I meant to say is, they believe there are currently more Jew-aware "Whites" than there are Jew aware "non-Whites", so therefore "Whites" possess a greater threat to Jewry.
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