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Re: Farming vs Ranching
« on: January 17, 2022, 11:06:18 pm »
Our enemies now actively produce focused anti-vegan propaganda:

Our friends from the Globalist community would like to abolish animal-based diets for health and environmental reasons.

Given that animal-based diets waste farmland on producing feed for slaughter animals instead of using the same farmland for producing food for humans, autarky would in fact be far easier to achieve with plant-based diets. Thus globalists (ie. anti-autarkists) are the ones who in reality have an incentive to maintain the popularity of animal-based diets, in order to keep food supply dependent on trade. But don't expect our enemies to understand this.

we are omnivores with a strong carnivorous tendency. We are wonderfully well adapted anatomically and physiologically to eat meat. Meat consumption has also played a key role in increasing our brain size. Instinctively, meat and its derivatives are the most sought-after human foods all over the world [8]. And it is not a culturally rooted need that can be easily overcome but an anthropological need rooted in our genes.

You are describing yourselves only, not us. That is why we must eliminate your bloodlines.

Six Truths About Vegetarians

(Table adapted from science journalist Rolf Degen’s book, Seven unflattering truths about vegetarians) [9].

    1. Most vegetarians are not really vegetarians: 66% of “vegetarians” have indeed eaten animal products in the last 24 hours [10].
    2. People lie about their meat consumption: Women who were told by researchers that they were going to watch a movie about a slaughterhouse lied about (or as the study put it, “under-strategically declared”) the amount of meat they ate [11].
    3. 84% of people who stop eating meat eventually change their mind and return to a diet that includes animal products [12].
    4. British researchers found that only 25% of people who said they reduced their meat consumption did so [13].

Most people suck. Should we therefore choose to suck too?

    5. Vegetarians, a majority of whom are women, often suffer from depression and eating disorders – according to some scientists, vegetarianism is an occult eating disorder [14]. Why are women attracted to vegetarianism ? “Meat is masculine. And eating it proves you’re one tough dude. At least that’s what the American media tells us. And that message’s pervasiveness might be one reason the vast majority of vegans in the U.S. are women, say Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd, the co-hosts of the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You” [15].

Yes, it depresses me every time I think about how many new slaughter animals are born into their prisons just in the time it takes for me to type this. And it depresses me more to realize that desire for high sexual dimorphism is considered more important in Western civilization than the duty to not initiate violence.

    6. It was not always the case[16], but vegetarianism is above all an ideology of the left, and this is undoubtedly the main truth to be remembered from this table:  “vegetarianism is a lie of liberal thought” [17].

I am happy that our enemies are making this an explicit left vs right issue.

Because of the disproportionate importance given to carbohydrates and grains, scientists have linked the famous Harvard University food guide focusing on vegetarian diets to the source of the epidemic of morbid obesity and of diabetes that is currently rampant in the United States [19].

Yes, this is due to non-Aryan blood:

Back to enemy article:


Yes, humans who look like the stereotypical colonial-era Westerner in the drawing probably are designed to eat meat. That is why their bloodlines must be eliminated.

If she were a herbivorous animal, says Temple Grandin, “she would ‘rather die in a slaughterhouse’ with a system she designed to make the operation painless, rather than in the wild, starving or in awareness of a predator attack: early in her career, she saw a still living calf in Arizona on a ranch, partially eaten by coyotes, and concluded that “Nature can be very rough” [37].

If not for humans such as Grandin breeding them for food, the calf on the Arizona ranch she describes would never have needed to be born in the first place and thus would have avoided the coyotes (as well as the slaughterhouse, of course).

There is no connection between a person’s kindness and being a vegetarian. The Dalai Lama, for example, who is certainly not devoid of kindness and compassion is a meat eater [39].

Tenzin Gyatso is one of the most evil people currently alive:

Back to enemy article:

Livestock has no negative impact on the climate.

And Trump won the 2020 election.

Eating meat doesn’t make you a bloodthirsty monster or a human suprematist villain.

And wanting "white" ethnostates doesn't make you racist.

It gets even funnier in the comments:


Yes, notice the contrast in face shapes.

We also cover Lawson here:


Taking part in the third series of the BBC family-history documentary series, Who Do You Think You Are?, Lawson sought to uncover some of her family's ancestry. She traced her ancestors to Ashkenazi Jews who originate from eastern Europe and Germany

I rest my case.
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