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Ranchers Are Selling Their Cattle to Deal with Drought
Ranchers and their cattle are contending with harsh drought conditions across the American West this summer. In Texas, ranchers are selling off their herds in large numbers and some are even turning to more heat-resistant breeds.

"heat-resistant breeds" still require grain as a food source:

One hamburger takes 2,400 litres of 'hidden' water to make
On the way, he shares a wider critique of the environmental damage caused by the meat industry and how society moving toward a plant-based diet could alleviate this.
‘Water has been fed into the grain that’s been fed to the cattle, the cattle’s been made into beef. One Hamburger is 2,400 litres of embedded water. That’s a heck of a lot of water.’

The documentary also shared statistics suggesting that 27% of humanity’s freshwater consumption goes to produce animal food, and that the livestock sector is responsible for about 15% of all human made emissions globally, which is equivalent to the emissions from all the forms of transport in the world, including the cumulative emissions of planes, trains, cars and ships.

Professor Lang later concluded,

"The message is overwhelming both for public health and environmental reasons. The more plants you can eat, and the less meat and dairy you can consume, the better."
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