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Re: Homo Hubris
« on: February 11, 2021, 12:27:40 am »
Right on schedule, our enemies rush to praise Brady:

On Sunday night, I found myself at a local Super Bowl party. I went for the food, drinks, and camaraderie. I barely watched the television, usually getting sidelined into a conversation about the election, work, kids, etc. Still, I wanted Tom Brady to win. At one point, a Kansas City Chiefs fan complained loudly that the refs were “giving Brady the trophy” after a penalty call went in his favor. I watched the replay. It was a good call (defensive holding). As a few others and I defended the call, the KC fan – a White guy in a Mahomes jersey – sneered, “It’s because Brady is White.” Since it was neither my friend nor my party, I disengaged and went back to chatting about whatever over scotch.

But I agree – Tom Brady was getting the calls from the referees because he is White, but not for the same reasons the KC cuck lamented.
Pocket passers are field generals in every way. They are directing the team. They are watching the refs, defenders, players, coaches, and fans. The amount of cerebral capacity it takes to process so much stimuli in so short a period of time is astounding. They are applying the hours they studied of film and game plans to matters occurring in real time, within seconds. It also takes extraordinary restraint. You must process, analyze, interpret, and execute in seconds while trusting that the men coming to crush you will be stopped by the five men in front of you. In short, the ideal pocket passing quarterback is intelligent, studious, disciplined, and athletic.

In other words, the ideal pocket passing quarterback is White.

Thus, going back to the reason that Tom Brady has emerged as the Greatest of All Time – with seven super bowl rings, ten super bowl appearances, and a smoking hot wife – has everything to do with his race. The KC cuck was not wrong. The refs were giving preferential calls to Brady because he is White. But they were not doing so out of some silly systemic racism myth. They were doing so because Tom Brady, the White pocket passing quarterback, enjoys the intelligence, capacity, discipline, and athleticism to make them give him those calls. Tom Brady is capable of thinking and acting at the same time.

Consequently, Tom Brady’s career is the epitome of White Privilege – as in, he is privileged to be White.

Congratulations Tom!

In the old days, I used to counter rightist assertions that "white privilege does not exist" simply by asking the asserters whether they would not mind themselves magically being transformed into "non-white" if they could keep all their individual talents. Not one of them was ever willing to say they would not mind this, thereby undermining their own assertion. I guess this line of attack had an impact, as they now simply admit it.

Lastly, "smoking hot wife"?

How long before our enemies realize the joke is on them every time they make such statements? Because all we need to do in response is post a picture!
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