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The "Ancient Alien" theory basically boils down to "whites" telling non-"whites" that there's no way non-"white" ancient peoples could ever build the monuments, temples, and civilizations, that they did, because only modern "whites" and Western culture is capable of the technology to do so. Ancient Alien theory is the epitome of 'whitesplaining'.   

Our history books tell us the ancients were not technologically advanced. Hmmm.......

ĎAncient Aliensí Needs to Stop Erasing Non-White Cultural Excellence
You might think that History Channelís Ancient Aliens is nothing more than a kooky guilty pleasure. After all, whatís the harm in letting a couple of camera-ready quacks share their completely unproven theories about aliens visiting ancient civilizations and gifting mankind with their superior knowledge? The problem is that the basic concept of Ancient Aliens is, well, rather racist. The implicit suggestion that ancient cultures, often non-white ones, would be incapable of advanced art, science, or architecture is problematic, to say the least. Itís a blindspot perpetuating the insidious idea that non-white, non-modern, and even non-Christian peoples were intrinsically dumb, when we have ample evidence to the contrary.

Yes, Ancient Aliens is not a guilty pleasure as much as its a troubling reminder of the disrespect we show non-white cultures.