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Sorry for derailing this slightly, but have you read letters by someone who goes by ""? (their moniker serves as the url to their blog itself)

They cover topics through the lense (Trying to coin sense+lens) of White Empire, western civilization as a quality, Western Civilization as a proper entity, and corporate artificial intelligence (as has existed since December 31, 1600 when East India Co. was founded).

"" lived in Sri Lanka until very recently and left due to the collapse. They give a fairly easy-to-understand, imo, analysis of how liberalism&friends caused the collapse.'s model/reasoning also predicts that Sri Lanka's collapse is actually one of the first piers of liberalism/neo-colonialism (whatever you want to call it) buckling under its own weight and giving out. Given that Sri Lanka is itself apart from East Asia proper in being indebted to global western banking- thus making it a textbook "canary in the coal mine".

To get to the point- do you think this tsunami wave headed straight for the shores of western empire, this collapse, is what will act as the mechanism which allows the movement of the massive amount of "mass-energy", so to speak, required to actually transform the United States into a theocracy? See, I am not convinced theocracies like this could be established by reactionaries alone, they're necessary but not sufficient. Gentiles need to be scared, they need to be hungry, in their moment fear and hunger they turn to the brightest burning flame. An economic collapse, I predict, will give this opportunities to radical theocratic fascists in the next 5 years, +/-3 years.

The full-blown collapse of a nation which grew inflamed with the tumors of industrialism, and subsequently the tumors eaten out by maggots leaving gaping, festering wounds, being left weak as a society, would provide the perfect fomentation ground for theocratic coups.