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Re: If we lose
« Reply #15 on: September 16, 2022, 01:45:32 am »
"do you think this tsunami wave headed straight for the shores of western empire, this collapse, is what will act as the mechanism which allows the movement of the massive amount of "mass-energy", so to speak, required to actually transform the United States into a theocracy?"

I agree that extremist ideologies are likeliest to thrive in desperate conditions, but this in principle applies to leftist as well as rightist extremism. If both leftists and rightists were offering extremist solutions to the collapse with the same confidence, rightists would not necessarily have an advantage.

The reason why rightists for now have an advantage in reality is that False Leftists have a psychological aversion to extremism of any kind, including leftist extremism, which causes them to believe in countering rightist extremism not with leftist extremism but instead with calls for moderation (which includes attacking True Leftists for trying the counter rightist extremism with leftist extremism) that rightists will not listen to anyway. Thus while rightists are all moving further right, True Leftists encounter resistance from False Leftists as well as from rightists.

Unless False Leftists are defeated soon, my pessimistic estimate is that rightists will be the biggest beneficiary of the collapse.

See also:'moderates'-serve-the-right/

"theocratic fascists"

If you are referring to a rightist movement, please do not call them "fascists" (a False Leftist bad habit):

"Theocracy" is not intrinsically rightist either; it all depends on which god we are talking about putting in charge:
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