Author Topic: Rightists getting leftism wrong  (Read 691 times)


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Re: Rightists getting leftism wrong
« on: April 01, 2022, 10:15:27 pm »

Liberalism 3.0 is at odds with Liberalism 1.0. It is focused on controlling speech and thought. It knows exactly what is good … things like antiracism, racial equity, intelligence agencies, vaccines, veganism, Ukraine or “trans” rights.

At least credit to them for calling the True Left "Liberalism 3.0" as opposed to the False Left which they call "Liberalism 1.0".

Yes, as moral absolutists, we know exactly what is good.

No, most vaccines went through violent testing on animals, therefore are non-vegan. On this account alone, it is impossible for us as vegans to consider vaccines to be good. But even if hypothetically vaccines were vegan, they are still not good, as the approach of dealing with pandemics via vaccines is characteristically Western:

And no, Ukraine is racist, therefore it is impossible for us as anti-racists to consider Ukraine to be good:

Back to enemy article:

In this respect, Liberalism 3.0 departs from Liberalism 1.0 which was suspicious of state power and Liberalism 2.0 which was suspicious of corporate power. Liberalism 3.0 celebrates authority and grasps for power like a man dying of thirst in a desert. It chafes under restraints. It us intolerant and loves a good witch hunt. It constantly appeals to the authorities to … DO SOMETHING.

Yes, we are intolerant. No, we do not love a good witch hunt. We would prefer no witches existed in the first place. But since witches do exist, ending their existence ASAP is our duty. Yes, we will appeal to the authorities to do something, but if the authorities turn out to be more tolerant of the witches than we are, it becomes our duty to replace them also.