Author Topic: Rightists getting leftism wrong  (Read 691 times)


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Re: Rightists getting leftism wrong
« on: April 04, 2022, 08:53:22 pm »
"The relevant question when deciding whether a particular policy is racist is whether it benefits the in-group, in this case "whites". Therefore, the policies in question must have been aimed at scoring a demographic advantage for "whites" in one way or another.
You could argue that the underlying intention was to get the "white" refugees to safety as regards the dangers posed by the Russian invasion at the expense of the non-"white" refugees, however, being safe from the dangers posed by the Russian invasion specifically is in the long run not actually decisive in and of itself when it comes to demographics."

A policy does not have to benefit the in-group "in the long run" in order to be racist, or else it would be impossible for incompetent strategists to be racists, which is obviously not the case. For a policy to be racist, it suffices that the policy is intended to benefit members of the in-group in the immediacy at the expense of members of the out-group in the same immediacy, irrespective of what happens later. In the case of refugee evacuations from Ukraine, refugees were sorted into "white" and "non-white" categories and treated differently based on such categories, with those in the "white" category receiving consistently better treatment. In the immediacy, the interests of "white" refugees to reach safety ASAP were considered more important than those of "non-white" refugees to do the same.

"not evacuating immediately, taking up weapons, getting training and combat experience and storming the border by force of arms in the aftermath (ideally killing more "whites" in the process) is still a more promising path towards that end than evacuating immediately."

Refugees are individuals. Some of them may think like you just described; others may not. Those who do not still do not deserve to be treated worse on account of being "non-white". You make it sound like we are only against injustice when its victims are those who are strategic assets to us. No, we are against injustice even when its victims are strategically useless. Why do we care about factory chickens/fish/etc.?

Because we expect them to join the war on our side if we free them? No! We care because they do not deserve to be treated worse on account of being "non-human"! That is all there is to it.

You are not really arguing that Ukrainian prioritization of "white" refugees is not racist; you are arguing that Ukrainian racism should be excused because it might help us strategically. It should not. Otherwise, next you will be arguing that the chicken /fish/etc. factory owners should be excused because their meat/eggs after being eaten might increase the chances of our non-vegan enemies getting cancer sooner and thus dying sooner.