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Re: Rightists getting leftism wrong
« on: April 08, 2022, 03:55:44 am »
In order for me to possibly accept your claim that there is no pro-"white" bias, you would have to present at least some cases where "whites" have reported discrimination against themselves in favour of "non-whites", which would then potentially balance out the numerous cases already documented where "non-whites" have reported discrimination against themselves in favour of "whites".

Well, I can at least produce this:

Ahmed Habboubi, a 22-year-old French-Tunisian medical student, said all foreign nationals, including Africans, Israelis, Canadians and Americans, were told to go to one gate at the Medyka crossing from Ukraine to Poland, which would only process four people every couple of hours, while Ukrainians were allowed to pass freely through another gate.

To be fair, many Israelis, Canadians and Americans are non-"white". However, Habboubi doesn't specify that only the non-"white" ones were selected for the "foreign" queue, so we will have to assume that his description includes "white" Israelis, Canadians and Americans. Couple that with the lack of evidence regarding the discrimination of the non-"white" groups I mentioned above, which without evidence to the contrary implies that most of them must have been accepted into the "Ukrainian" queue. In other words, it is at least conceivable that the "foreign" queue may have contained "whites" and the "Ukrainian" queue may have contained non-"whites".

This admittedly doesn't by default imply that these "whites" were excluded to accommodate non-"whites" in a scenario where there is only one place left in the "Ukrainian" queue and the individual doing the selection is forced to choose between non-"white" individual A and "white" individual B. As far as this is what you're looking for, I have to concede defeat for now.
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