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Re: Rightists getting leftism wrong
« on: November 03, 2021, 02:39:45 pm »

We must demoralize our opponents by understanding them better than they understand themselves.

I look forward to watching you try.

There still is white supremacy, but it lives in the subconscious of the Left. Thatís why it fights us so hysterically. We must force Leftists to understand themselves

Leftists obviously do not think non-whites are their equal. No one would try so hard to help an equal.

Firstly, we do not believe in equality. No two individuals are equal.

Secondly, what rightists have trouble understanding (because they are barbarians) is that "weaker" does not mean "inferior". We (who are not barbarians) do not believe "non-whites" are inferior to "whites" in the qualities which we value. We do, on the other hand, recognize the obvious truth that "non-whites" lack power compared to "whites", which is why "whites" were able to colonize "non-white" countries. (If anything, we consider the greater emphasis of Western civilization on increasing power (e.g. via machines) compared to other civilizations to be evidence of its qualitative inferiority.)

It is perfectly possible to want to help those who lack power without considering them inferior to those who possess power (indeed who created the civilization most concerned with increasing power) and who use that power to oppress those who lack power.

Similarly, I do not consider non-humans inferior to humans, but I do recognize that they are weaker. In this case the power gap is even greater, and thus non-humans are in even greater need of help, because there is already no chance that they can ever defeat their oppressors by themselves:

While between "whites" and "non-whites" it hasn't gotten quite this bad yet, it could easily become worse:
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