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Re: Rightists getting leftism wrong
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David Brooks Looks At 'Terrifying Future' Of U.S. Right At Conservative Conference
Writer David Brooks discusses his latest piece 'The Terrifying Future of the American Right,' which details the trends he observed at the National Conservatism Conference in Florida.

The True Left DOES want to destroy you, but NOT because we "hate America" but because we LOVE America and believe rightists are UN-AMERICAN COUP ATTEMPTING WESTERNERS in line with the same western colonialists who originally colonized America! If rightists actually behaved as Americans, instead of Westerners, we would have no issue with rightists other than their love for Judeo-Christianity, Israel, and Russia, whom we merely see as more examples of Western colonialism!

One thing is for certain, both false-leftists and rightists are destroying America presently for WESTERN INTERESTS!!! Duhhhhh!!!! OMFG!?!? Can you people be any fucken dumber than you already are, is it even possible?