Author Topic: Western civilization is a health hazard  (Read 7563 times)


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Until you human-beings accept the fact that you live on a finite planet with finite resources and start behaving like it there will be a WWIII! It's only a matter of time! (That was extremely mild compared to what I actually wanted to write here!).
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Most of you are currently either economists at heart, or madmen!?!? Judging from Western social media and News media I'd say a mixture of both!

Russia's Lavrov Warns WW3 Can 'Only Be Nuclear'
Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier raised the specter of nuclear war, putting his country's nuclear forces on high alert, but his foreign minister shrugged off questions of whether Russia could escalate the conflict with nuclear weapons, saying such talk comes from the West. He spoke to foreign reporters in a virtual press conference Thursday from Moscow. This translation is provided by the Associated Press.