Author Topic: Western civilization is a health hazard  (Read 7563 times)


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Re: Western civilization is a health hazard
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Thanks Western Civilization. I wonder why the media is just now taking interest in all these studies on microplastics? In this thread we've posted recent articles about microplastics in the blood, fetal placentas, lungs, and who knows what else.
Scientists discover microplastics in deepest section of the lungs
Of the Microplastics detected, there were 12 types, which have many uses and are commonly found in packaging, bottles, clothing, rope/twine, and many manufacturing processes. There were also considerably higher levels of microplastics in male patients compared to females.
Researchers found the most abundant microplastics were polyethylene, from for example degraded plastic packaging or carrier bags; and nylon, which may be from clothes; as well as resins, which could come from degraded roads, paint marking or tyre rubber. Researchers also found microplastics of the size and shape which are inhalable by humans.