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Re: Coronavirus
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Latest story from Hong Kong, where the virus has been considered relatively well controlled compared to many other countries except for their counterpart Macau and mainland China:

After having maintained daily single-digit cases for several months with even some days of zero-case in between, the fourth wave with rising double-digit cases has now set in. It's been confirmed that this new spate all started in a dance hall where the spreader is an elderly woman who pays to learn ballroom dancing by young male instructors, and the first infected group, all from the same dance hall, consists mainly of women aged 60+ and men aged 29-35. During the incubation period, they have visited other dance halls bringing the virus along with them. And incidentally, some of the dance instructors from this group are known to be young white males from Russia!
It is also known that the several women first infected in the group are from the local high society, so maybe that has a lot more to tell.