Author Topic: Western civilization is a health hazard  (Read 7617 times)


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Re: Western civilization is a health hazard
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"ballroom dancing"

This is a good point. Eurocentrism is (as usual) behind the worldwide popularity of ballroom dancing, and indeed of the entire mode of social interaction (especially among the wealthy) based around ballroom dancing. It goes without saying that ballroom dancing is definitively Western, originating in the Renaissance:

The first authoritative knowledge of the earliest ballroom dances was recorded toward the end of the 16th century, when Jehan Tabourot, under the pen name "Thoinot-Arbeau", published in 1588 his Orchésographie, a study of late 16th-century French renaissance social dance.

and certainly introduced to non-Western countries via colonialism. Therefore until people from non-Western countries stop practicing it, they are still colonized.

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