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Re: Western civilization is a health hazard
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How Victorians Knowingly Poisoned Their Food | Hidden Killers | Absolute History
Dr Suzannah Lipscomb show us the dangerous ways the Victorians adulterated food and its deadly consequences.

11 months ago
It's fascinating, and frightening, how humans have been poisoning other humans in the name of profit for centuries...
4 days ago
“One thing Victorians used to love, was profits...”

You say that like that has changed

When can we get a full psychological analysis of Westerners and Western culture, because I suspect most of them are raving lunatics who just manage to keep their lunacy undercover most of the time?

Another example of what I mean in the sentence above:
San Diego, California began water fluoridation in February 2011, despite its Municipal Code Section 67.0101, which prohibits the city from fluoridating. The local ordinance was preempted by California law that requires fluoridation when an outside funding source is available.

Most of these people should be in straight-jackets in a psych ward at this point. Why are we allowing them to roam freely among the sane? How is that going to end well?