Author Topic: Western civilization = sustainable evil  (Read 6410 times)


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Re: Western civilization = sustainable evil
« on: September 23, 2020, 12:04:26 am »
Not this **** again!

Horseshoe crabs have a vital role in the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Here's why
Jack Levin and Frederik Bang collaborated on horseshoe crab blood experiments. Their work led to a process that channels the almost magical force of the horseshoe crab's immune system, one that's helped the animal survive longer than most of the species that ever roamed the Earth or scurried across the ocean floor.
The blue blood is its best line of defense. Cells essentially build a fortress in seconds.

Amoebocytes, a type of blood cell, can "detect any outside particle," Sasson said, and once they do, they spring into action, whether the enemy invader is in the bloodstream or a wound outside of the body.   

"How quickly the blood coagulated around the wound was amazing," he said. "Say you break off a piece of a claw. You'd see a little bit of blood for, you know, 10,15 seconds. And then it would stop because it would already have coagulated completely where the wound was."

But the next part is the worst:

How to help the horseshoe crab
The horseshoe crab population has been stable or growing for many years. The state keeps count, doing a random survey by trawling annually.
Subsequent regulations and other protections have helped both the red knot and horseshoe crab numbers bounce back.

How to help the horseshoe crab? How about by ceasing to drain its blood FFS?! But of course Western civilization does not care how individuals are treated, but only that the species does not go extinct so that the individuals can continue to be exploited sustainably.

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