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Re: Western civilization = sustainable evil
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It's OK for torches to be "white":

Footage has emerged of a bull wailing in terror as it is tied to a post with a rope while its captors attach flaming torches to its horns during a bull running festival in Spain.

The harrowing clip, captured on August 18 in the municipality of Museros, Valencia, shows the moment the bull is lashed to a post while event organisers forced a flammable device onto its horns.

Attendants set the torches alight, causing the animal to moan in fear and anger, before the beast is released and sent running through the streets after goading festival goers.
A bull with flaming horns is known as a 'toro embolado' - or 'bull with balls' - and is a sight that can be witnessed in many Spanish towns during bull running events.

Locals try to dodge the bull as it rips through the town's roads, but the pain caused by the flames typically work the animal into a frenzy, making them even more dangerous.
'The images show how, as it leaves his enclosure, it is met by several dozen men who, shouting, quickly surround it and even pounce on it to anchor it to the post where the devices will be placed on its horns.'

They said that it was a 'situation that cattle experience with great sensitivity' which amounts to 'real torture', according to veterinary reports that have documented similar events.
bulls are tortured at over 17,000 events that take place every year throughout Spain, highlighting that Valencia has the highest number.

They said that Valencia has over 300 municipalities that celebrate this type of event

But when Ahimsa happens, they think it is a tragedy:

The footage of the unsettling incident was released just days after a flaming bull gored a young man to death in a nearby municipality in Valencia.

Shocking footage showed Adrian Martinez Fernandez, 24, being smashed by a furious beast in the town of Vallada on Sunday, August 21.

The animal whose horns had been set alight for the festival turned Fernandez over and then gored him as terrified festival-goers, standing mere feet away but protected by railings, looked on in disbelief.

The 24-year-old, who had travelled from Almansa to attend the festivities, was taken by ambulance to the hospital as a precaution with no immediately visible injuries.

But the attack had ruptured his spleen and caused several other internal injuries, leaving medical staff with no hope of saving his life.
A minute of silence was held instead in the town's Plaza to honour Fernandez after locals received news he had died.

The town also sent their support and expressed their 'regret and solidarity' to the family and friends of the 24-year-old.

This is how Westerners perceive their interactions with others: "We can do whatever we like whenever we like to whomever we like, but if they retaliate against us in any way, we are the victims who deserve to be eulogized."

The municipality of Vallada was celebrating its patron saint festivities in honour of San Bertomeu, the Santísimo Cristo del Monte Calvario and the Virgen de Gracia.

It goes without saying that those who treat cows this way are not Christians, irrespective of their own claims. You can also tell they are not Christians from their Homo Hubris architecture (which one day we will demolish every last building of):

but I digress.

Festivities ended this past Sunday, marking a week of celebrations.

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the locals had reportedly welcomed the long-awaited return of the festival.

The only way to end the festival permanently is to end the bloodlines of all who support it. Not least:
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