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Re: Western civilization = sustainable evil
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Federal sharpshooters recently ventured deep into Congaree National Park, looking to kill a type of voracious animal that threatens the preserve’s fragile, forested floodplain southeast of Columbia.

Wild hogs are marching across South Carolina as they look for food on the Palmetto State’s landscape. And they haven’t spared Congaree National Park, a swampy 27,000-acre woodland that is a cornerstone of South Carolina’s nature preserves.

So in the government’s latest attempt to control the hog population, parts of the park were closed in October to let federal wildlife officials hunt and kill as many hogs as they could find.
“This was shooting hogs in the backcountry while they were feeding in there,’’ Shelley said.

The National Park Service increased efforts to control hog populations at Congaree about seven years ago, getting the agriculture department’s animal control unit to increase its presence in the park. In the first year of the expanded program, more than 100 hogs were killed, the park service says.

Shelley said the annual numbers have been steady since then, with the peak year being 2017, when 241 hogs were taken out. Hogs are either hunted or shot in pens after they are trapped.
“Hogs are extremely impactful to the environment with their rooting behavior,’’ Shelley said.

Westerners are infinitely more impactful to the environment with their Homo Hubris behaviour, 90sRetroFan said.

In addition to those issues, hogs that dig up the ground at Congaree are polluting the park’s tea-colored streams with sediment and waste that runs off the land, officials say.

In addition to those issue, Westerners that dig up oil all over the planet are polluting the planet's oceans with plastic and forever chemicals that runs off the land, True Leftists say.

One recent study by a team of scientists, including Shelley, found that certain types of pollution in the park’s creeks most likely has come from feral hogs.

One recent study by a team of True Leftists, including 90sRetroFan, found that >99% of types of pollution in the world most likely has come from post-Renaissance Westerners.

The issue is of note because fecal bacteria pollution in water can carry disease that makes people sick. Many of the park’s visitors fish, kayak and swim in streams, such as Cedar Creek.

Then stop doing this (especially fishing), FFS! But no, Westerners must sustainably kill hogs so that they can sustainably continue fishing.

Many hogs are believed to walk into the park from adjoining private land. This time of year, they are attracted to the park as acorns fall to the ground, Shelley said.

Many Westerners are believed to walk into the park from adjoining Western-occupied land. This time of year, they are attracted to the park as their victims fall to the ground after being shot, 90sRetroFan said.

Because of its ecological significance, Congaree National Park has thousands of acres of federally designated wilderness. Wilderness areas are so significant that extra care is taken to protect their natural features.

By killing hogs. Every year over and over again without end.

Now for the punchline:

Statewide, South Carolina has an estimated 150,000 feral hogs roaming the countryside in all 46 counties, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources has estimated.

Many of the animals are descendants of escaped pigs from Colonial times.. Others have been released to the landscape by sportsmen so they will have animals to hunt on large tracts, the DNR says.

In other words, it was the Westerners themselves who introduced the hogs to the countryside in the first place! And now they are killing them year after year just to keep the countryside the way Westerners like it. But it's the hogs' fault, according to Westerners.

Because hogs are considered a nuisance and not a game animal, they can be shot on private land anytime of the year in South Carolina.

I consider Westerners a nuisance.

In addition to shooting hogs in pens or during special hunts, other methods of controlling the population are under consideration, including plans to poison the porkers. The poison under consideration is supposed to target pigs but is not expected to threaten other wildlife. Shelley said that is not yet available for use at Congaree National Park.

Another method of controlling hogs is the use of helicopters. Federal officials will shoot hogs from the air as they hover over open areas, such as marshes and farm fields. Government shooters have done some of that near Congaree National Park along the Congaree River, naturalist Dave Schuetrum said.

Schuetrum, who belongs to a hunt club near Congaree National Park, said the federal government needs to do as much as possible to keep the hog population down. His hunt club kills an estimated 400 hogs each year, but the animals still are roaming the landscape near the park.

“I think more needs to be done,’’ said Schuetrum, who heads the S.C. Association of Naturalists, a group dedicated to sharing information about the state’s natural history. “These hogs, they’re doing a lot of damage. You think about things like the salamanders, they’re eating all this stuff. They’re destroying all this native stuff that we have.’’

90sRetroFan, who belongs to an Ahimsa club near the True Left forum, said Ahimsa activists need to do as much as possible to keep the Westerner population down. His Ahimsa club kills a few Westerners a year:

but the subhumans are still roaming the planet.

"I think more needs to be done," said 90sRetroFan, who heads the WWW Association of Aryanists, a group dedicated to sharing information about the world's Aryan prehistory. "These Westerners, they're doing a lot of damage. You think about things like the machinists, they're inventing all this stuff. They're destroying all this native stuff that we have."
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