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Re: Western civilization = sustainable evil
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Now the neocons are complaining that "non-whites" do not enjoy hands-on violence against animals enough:

Whether you see a hunter sitting in a treestand, crouching in a duck blind or bugling bulls on a mountainside, you can predict something with 91% certainty: You’re looking at a white guy of European stock.

You can also bet the guy has rural or small-town roots, and that he and his buddies are more passionate about hunting than any other demographic group sociologists can identify by race or ethnic heritage. In fact, researchers at universities and wildlife agencies have been documenting those details with little variance for decades.
In the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s most recent participation study of hunting, fishing and wildlife watching, the agency found 11.5 million Americans hunted at least once in 2016. Of those hunters, 11.1 million—96%—were white and 3% were Hispanic. Blacks and Asians made up most of the remaining 1%, but at levels too low to pinpoint participation rates.
“Our studies and other researchers’ surveys of African Americans consistently find that hunting and other outdoor recreation just isn’t part of their families’ heritage,” Duda said. “If it truly takes a hunter to make a hunter, the challenges look daunting. Few African-American families include someone to pass down a hunting tradition.

This is a good thing! They should be proud of it! Instead they are being shamed for it by Westerners.

“We need more inclusiveness,” Dillard said. “If you’re a black hunter, and you watch TV hunting shows, or pick up an outdoors magazine or catalog, you feel intimidated when no one looks like you. The hunting industry has done a wonderful job including women and children, but I sense discomfort about including people of color.” John Annoni, founder and director of a hunting/conservation program in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has introduced over 6,500 urban students in grades 5 through 12 to outdoor activities since launching Camp Compass in 1994. The program helps students learn about conservation, outdoor careers and hunters’ philosophies.

Annoni said he wants students to learn to love the outdoors so much that no contrary attitude deters them from hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation.

“I get to see a rainbow every day because I see a plethora of kids who never had a chance to hunt, but now want to hunt and like to hunt,” Annoni said. “But we can’t do it alone, and no company or organization can hire one outreach person and think they’ll reach all people of color. The ‘inclusive’ piece is still often missing from the puzzle.”

Annoni also said hunters shouldn’t be quick to congratulate themselves for taking their own kids hunting. “Taking your child hunting is your obligation,” he said. “You can’t pat yourself on the back for something you should be doing. We need long-term programs where hunters work as hard for kids as they do for habitat, elk, deer, ducks or turkeys. When we see two black kids hunting with three white kids on TV and on weekend hunts, that’s when we’ll start breaking down the fears and stereotypes that hold things back.”

OK, who wants to hunt Annoni?


Vegans rely almost exclusively on endogenous synthesis to generate LCPUFA and we hypothesized that an adaptive genetic polymorphism would confer advantage. The rs66698963 polymorphism, a 22 bp insertion-deletion within FADS2, is associated with basal FADS1 expression, and coordinated induction of FADS1 and FADS2 in vitro. ... Analysis using 1000 Genomes Project data confirmed our observation, revealing a global I/I genotype of 70% in South Asians, 53% in Africans, 29% in East Asians, and 17% in Europeans. Tests based on population divergence, site frequency spectrum and long-range haplotype consistently point to positive selection encompassing rs66698963 in South Asian, African and some East Asian populations.

You think maybe this has something to do with it?


I might as well repost these pictures of Western civilization:

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