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Re: Drafting up a Jamia
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"Operation Gaddafi, Anti-Racism & Anti-Zionism = based"

"Based" is a rightist compliment. We are leftists. If you wish to compliment us, use "woke".

"Changing the Qur’an = kufr that would lead you in dangerous alleys by the vigilantes."

I know:

Shia have been accused since at least the 10th century by anti-Shia Sunni Muslims of espousing a theory that the contemporary Quran differs from what was revealed to Muhammad because it was (allegedly) edited to remove mention of the importance of Ali — the Shia icon and first Shia Imam. The idea that the Quran was distorted is regarded by these Sunnis as one of the most blatant examples of Shia "heresy".[8]

Duty disregards danger:

Shia scholars who supported the view that the Qur'anic text had been distorted were:

    Shia author Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Sayyari (9th century)[13]
    Ali Ibn Ibrahim Qomi (d. 919)[16]
    Al Ayyaashi (d. 932)[citation needed]
    Muhammad ibn Ya'qub al-Kulayni (d. 941)[citation needed]
    Al-Shaykh Al-Mufid (d. 1022) — spoke of the alteration which occurred in the ordering of Quranic verses (ta'līf).[11]
    Mohsen Fayz Kashani (d. 1680)[16]
    Ni'matullah Al Jazaa'iri (d. 1701)[citation needed]
    Muhammad Baqir Behbahani (d. 1791) — who wrote in al-Fawā'id al-ḥā'iriyya: "It is clear from the many akhbār that [corruption] occurred... Our position is that it is permitted to act upon one of the famous seven variants [of the Qur'ān]. The indicator for this position is the statement, or rather the order, of the Imams that "You must recite as the people recite until the day of the return of the qā'im"."[17][misquoted]
    Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi (d. 1902)[citation needed]
    Agha Bozorg Tehrani (d. 1970)[18]

"The view of most Muslim scholars is that the “Jewish” Prophets were actually Muslims and that everything bad they could have done such as sins, tribalism, murder of innocents etc. were attributed to them later by the rabbis to make them look more “human” or to legalise what was forbidden."

Yes, but if you claim that the Koranic description of these prophets is accurate, how do you account for their bad behaviour as described in the Koran?

"Even Prophet Abraham wasn’t actually commanded to kill his son by God but he actually misinterpreted his dream which was actually about the covenant in the first place.
The sacrificial son was actually Ismael and not Isaac but the Jews changed it out of tribalism to feel special."

Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى, romanized: ʿĪd al-ʾAḍḥā, lit. 'Feast of the Sacrifice') or the Holiday of Sacrifice is the second and the larger of the two main holidays celebrated in Islam (the other being Eid al-Fitr). It honours the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Ismail) as an act of obedience to God's command. Before Abraham could sacrifice his son, however, God provided him with a lamb which he was supposed to kill in his son's place because of his willingness to sacrifice his own son in the name of God.
Acknowledging that Abraham was willing to sacrifice what is dear to him, God honoured both Abraham and Ishmael. Angel Gabriel (Jibreel) called Abraham, "O' Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the revelations." and a lamb from heaven was offered by Angel Gabriel to prophet Abraham to slaughter instead of Ishmael. Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid al Adha to commemorate both the devotion of Abraham and the survival of Ishmael.[16][17][18]

Did this happen? If it did, then Abraham was behaving badly:

tribalism, murder of innocents

so if you claim that:

everything bad they could have done such as sins, tribalism, murder of innocents etc. were attributed to them later by the rabbis to make them look more “human” or to legalise what was forbidden.

then you must admit that the rabbis altered the Koran.
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