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Re: My Reports
« on: August 03, 2022, 05:55:56 pm »
Leaf on the Wind hasn't posted anything yet so I have nothing on which to form an opinion.

Ze appears to be a typical progressive.

She is the British people. She wanted to integrate the former British colonial territory into multi-ethnic imperial...

If this had happened back then, it would have been much easier for climate refugees today.

Of course it is too late for this now. But at least she should agree that Britain, Canada, Australia, etc. have a duty to accept as many climate refugees from India, Nigeria, etc. as want to migrate, in order to emulate the folkish empire that she proposed.

Like we're gonna use this land and give you this technology and you can take it if you want.

especially if they not using the land directly

This is concerning. She seems to think that higher productivity is never a negative.

To us, it is clear that Britain starting the Industrial Revolution and then accepting climate refugees is better than Britain starting the Industrial Revolution and then not accepting climate refugees, but not as good as Britain never starting the Industrial Revolution in the first place.

"She even agree with censorship to a group of people who follow the rightist ideas"

I disagree. Rightist arguments should be exhibited in public. Only doing so shows we are not threatened by them. We are the only leftist forum that I know of which proactively collects enemy articles and uses them against the enemy:

This is the source of the True Left's ideological strength. In contrast, False Left forums never address actual rightist arguments. This is why False Leftism will never defeat rightism.


professional human

Might suggest anthropocentrism. Find out her views towards non-humans.

wanter of a transgalactic empire

See if you can change her mind.