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Re: My Reports
« on: August 03, 2022, 09:09:34 pm »
"She still accept the Westernization and space exploration. She consider the humans will have zero sense if they only live on earth. And she consider the space exploration needed for the sake fulfill the humans's need of resources which from it humans can live in luxury. So, she still economically Marxism while her sociological worldview is opposition to racialism."

A standard False Leftist, basically.

She said:

as long as you don't bother us we won't bother you.

so does she care that non-Western civilizations are being bothered with the environmental impact of Western civilization?

"if they oppress the native peoples then the natives are right to respond with violence yes"

Is forcing them to live in the environmental conditions consequent to Western civilization not a form of oppression? If so, then she should agree that retaliatory violence against Western civilization is justified.

"she acknowledge that Israel is a Zionist ethnostate"

So does she acknowledge that Zionism comes from Judaism, and hence that Judaism is a racist religion? Yet progressivism also comes from Judaism:
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