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Re: My Reports
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:45:42 pm »
Also, we should more often call out the False Left fascination with living in luxury.

and everyone can live in luxury

This seems to be a key point of divergence between False Leftists and True Leftists: we despise luxury in itself, whereas they only despise luxury not being evenly distributed.

In my experience, rightists are actually more likely than False Leftists to be suspicious of luxury, although their suspicion is based on even worse values (they most commonly claim that luxury leads to decreased masculinity.....). Rightists also conflate luxury with absence of danger, so for example they might despise more passive forms of luxury while admiring participation in activities such as extreme sports (despite the latter being in fact often just as or even more costly and/or wasteful when all the calculations are done).

All this corresponds almost perfectly with somatotype personalities:

Rightist = mesomorph
False Leftist = endomorph
True Leftist = ectomorph