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Re: Potential Recruits
« on: April 22, 2021, 01:33:19 am »
He is anti-Zionist and also vegan. I have invited him:

I am wondering if he is a former Aryanist...

After scanning through several other tweets:
Autocrats do not have to have a material interest in becoming autocrats. They can be idealistically motivated without assuming any material possession
It is impossible to eliminate the hierarchy of the nuclear family without a state. Leadership of any revolutionary state “creates new hierarchy”
It literally did. Children have always been violently forced to obey their biological parents and elders. That is the essence of the nuclear family

I find it hard to believe he has not commented on at least once before.

He even believes in Aryan diffusion:
It’s not by random coincidence either. The culture-founders of both (Puntian agricultural complex for the Igbo, Yangtze agricultural complex for Japan) maintained contact with each other during the Neolithic revolution. It is reasonable to assume individuals migrated between them
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