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Re: Potential Recruits
« on: April 23, 2021, 12:06:16 pm »
I have DMd the recruit on twitter. He says he signed up for an account on this forum just yesterday, so this is probably him:;u=46

He also says he hasn't heard of us before, so now I am inquiring him as to how he arrived at the positions he holds today.

UPDATE: He says he has held these positions since childhood, but arrived at the ideology he holds today after he grew discontented with False Left ideology. But get this: he also says he is tangentially familiar with, and that he has read the Aryan diffusion series! But he also says has not commented on the website and only became familiar with it after researching neolithic cultures for a high school project, so that removes the possibility that he is merely faking it. Also, he was the one who said he familiar with the website after seeing it mentioned on here; I never even brought this up to him in our discussion.

Now that I think of it, his political trajectory is similar to mine. If Aryanism could succeed in recruiting the two of us, imagine the potential it has in drawing those who have yet to discover it, but cannot because rightists are sabotaging our effort to do so! I believe this is primarily because racists are wasting our time by getting us to focus on Jew-awareness. While I was Jew-aware myself prior to encountering, it was not the Jew-awareness itself that drew me to the website (I was not even aware Aryanism's focus was Zionism), but the vigorous anti-racism and slamming of rightist aesthetical "standards" which proclaim their "White" features as Aryan. Moreover, I was growing increasingly antagonistic toward the "Jew-aware" alt-right, as I wanted to hate Jews but also wanted to hate the rightist subhumans for selfishly prioritizing their own self interest by bashing Jews for all the wrong reasons.

Perhaps, there is an age factor this. Both the recruit and I are in our late teens/early twenties, whereas most in the "anti-Zionist" movement who tried to subvert us by promoting rightism were older...

Of course there are exceptions, but even if we consider the younger rightists in the anti-Zionist movement such as Brandon Martinez who was 19, Aryanism still takes the cake for attracting a younger audience as the recruit and I were only in high school.
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