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Re: Ukraine
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‘Ugly, Unprofessional’: International Students Describe Racism at the Ukrainian Border

Ugly, Unprofessional, Ukrainian. This is what we should all think of every time Ukraine is mentioned.

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Twitter users have said that in an effort to evacuate Ukrainians ahead of other refugees, officials were segregating people by race to decide who got to pass through the border. Videos went viral purporting to show Black people from African nations being left stranded at Ukrainian train stations or being blocked from boarding trains, and groups of African and Indian students being menaced with guns and vans and pushed and beaten at the Polish border. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump shared a clip that showed a Black woman cradling an infant in a crowd at the Polish border, according to the caption, where the creator of the video said Black people were being denied passage and shelter. One Nigerian student told the BBC that an official told her “if you are Black, you should walk.”

If you are racist, you should be nuked.

On Monday, several African nations on the U.N. Security Council denounced the reported discrimination against African citizens. “We strongly condemn this racism and believe that it is damaging to the spirit of solidarity that is so urgently needed today,” Kenyan U.N. ambassador Martin Kimani said, in part. “The mistreatment of African peoples on Europe’s borders needs to cease immediately.” The U.N. ambassador from Gabon said the reported racism was “unacceptable.” In a statement, the African Union said, “Reports that Africans are singled out for unacceptable dissimilar treatment would be shockingly racist and in breach [of] international law.”

OK, so will Kenya, Gabon and other AU states bomb Ukraine after Russia finishes? Will the US supply Kenya, Gabon and other AU states with WMDs to do so? Or better yet, launch the WMDs itself? Because the only way to cease mistreatment of "non-whites" is to eliminate the bloodlines of the mistreaters. So do you want the mistreatment to cease or not?
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