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Re: Ukraine
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Thousands of African and Indian students are trying to leave Ukraine and reportedly encountering what seems to be a de facto “Ukrainians first” policy that has guards sending Black and South Asian civilians to the back of lines, pulling them off of trains and buses to make room for white Ukrainians, and stranding them at the border for days. One student told CNN she saw guards violently preventing Indian men from passing through and pushing an Egyptian man so hard he was knocked unconscious.

For others, issues started before reaching border crossings. Claire Moor, another Black student, was pushed down as she tried to board a train at Lviv’s train station. The guard insisted that only women could take the train. The officer looked away, Moor said, as she pointed out that she was, indeed, a woman. “I was shocked because I did not know the extent of the racism,” she added.
the reception near Medyka has been more problematic as refugees were being organised based on “racial profiling”.

Ukrainians and Polish nationals are allowed to pass through the much quicker vehicles’ lane, while foreigners have to go through the pedestrian one, a three-stage process that can last from 14 to 50 hours, Moss said.