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Re: Red coup
« on: January 06, 2021, 11:31:37 pm »
I told you this would happen. Photos here:

Police rightist bias is more obvious than ever, and there might be a military rightist bias in play also (17:20):

For the record, I can't stand how False Leftist Uygur insists on making this about "loving vs hating democracy". If we have three countries A, B and C whose people have the characteristics:

A: agree to not have elections
B: agree to have elections and then respect the election results
C: agree to have elections but then do not respect the election results

it is perfectly possible to consider B (which displays commitment to keeping contract) superior to C (which fails to keep contract) without considering B superior to A (which does not fail to keep contract, but merely has better contractual content). So here is how the split works:

False Left worldview: B > C > A
True Left worldview: A > B > C

See also:

As always, the single best place on the entire internet to help understand what is really happening in the US is:

Latest in-depth analysis:

As for the solution? Trumpists are not going to be "deprogrammed" (latest favourite word of the False Left). There will not be peace in the US until they are exterminated.

And I mean all of them.

Best of all, I am no longer alone in holding this view:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Trinity Christian has suspended one of its varsity assistant football coaches after a racially charged social media post suggested violence against white people during Wednesday’s mob scene on Capitol Hill.

A coach at the school made a post on Instagram that said: “I’m ready to see some white bodies drop… start shooting them and taking lives. If it was us we’d be slaughtered by now. They need to start letting rounds go on them boys!”
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